Endoscopy and vibration analysis


A wind turbine gearbox inspection allows to reduce wind turbine repairs costs and minimize downtime. We use top class equipment to detect failures as early as possible to increase efficiency of wind turbine. Our service of inspection includes: gearbox components inspection with video endoscopy, checking gearbox components condition, oil and lubricants sampling. The inspection may be scheduled due to worrisome vibrations or noises from the gearbox. The endoscopy images provide a visual documentation of surface and the evidence if the component is damaged with fractures, wear or corrosion.

Gearboxes – Remote Visual Inspection

Inspect Gear Teeth and Bearings for Defects, Including Color Change and Pitting

  • Oil clearing scope adaptor saves time
  • Increase the probability of detection with clear, sharp images
  • Compact and lightweight, enable use in difficult-to-access areas

Vibration Analysis

Our ISO-certified vibration specialists carry out natural vibration analyses. The results are compared with the latest technological developments and with the statutory or contractual requirements. If necessary suitable vibration reduction measures are recommended.

Vibration measuremdents, diagnostics and acceptance

The regular, internal inspection of routes on machines and systems allows for an targeted, effective and above all predictable maintenance.

Vibration specialists from FaroWind take care of the regular recording and the analytical evaluation of vibration data using manual devices. We provide the processed data to our customers and advise them on interpretation and targeted vibration reduction.

Our specialists also carry out measurements on the vibration behavior, and document the results in an measurement and acceptance report.