Blade Care Program

Not long ago we start our new Blade Care Program, which contains work from the platform.

This enables us to successfully reach types of wind turbines such as V80 and V90.

This special program includes inspecting and repairing   of all kind of damages on the blades from the Leading edge, Trailing edge to the top of Blade – Tip.

The main targets and assumption of Blade Care Program is cost-effective comprehensive customer service, life-cycle approach to blade care includes inexpensive and quick blade inspections to identify and assess damage. These elements represent our comprehensive approach to blade maintenance and also:

  • Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Wear and Tear Coverage
  • Upgrades

Aerodynamic Upgrades

This year we have started the now project called Aerodynamic Upgrades.

Special elements that are assembled as part of this project allow you to increase the efficiency of energy generation. FaroWind possesses vast experience of retrofitting aerodynamic enhancing components on numerous blade types.


Cleaning Wind Turbines

This week we have started another project with cleaning the wind turbines.

Its all about good quality and quantity of work also keeping in progress!

Our equipped teams with specialized tools are using only detergents that are not harmful to the environment. The whole area around the cleaned wind turbine is always protected by special water-collecting mats, ensuring that none of the cleaning fluids sicker to the ground.